What Others Say

Sisters in Faith Ministries has invited Steph Fink to speak for us three times over the past three years. She was the speaker for both our 2013 and 2015 Fall events where she presented Walk with Me and Building Bridges. Steph delivered the message I am a Confident Parent –Right? at our gathering for young moms in Spring 2014. It is rare for us to invite a speaker to return so many times, but that is just how much our audience loves her. Steph speaks with authenticity, honesty and humor. She delivers her messages in a down to earth, bottom-line way that connects with women of all ages and stages. She is filled with wisdom gained from a devotion to God’s Word and she shares that wisdom with truth and grace. A true servant, Steph is easy and fun to work with — she is an event planner’s dream!  Laura Acuña, Co-Founder Sisters in Faith Ministries, Damascus, MD.

Our women’s ministry was thrilled to have Stephanie as our retreat speaker this year.  Her ability to relate to the women in a practical and fun way made the retreat very meaningful to our participants.  Stephanie has an excellent sense of humor, and was able to keep the ladies engaged and excited to hear what she had to say next.  Many of the women commented that Stephanie’s visual aides helped them to key in on important points, and that her personal examples made the content relatable and real.  Stephanie’s knowledge of the Bible was evident, and the fact that she not only talks the talk, but definitely walks the walk, was clear to all.  We would love to have Stephanie back in the future. Leslie Kotecki, Women’s Ministry Leader, New Life Christian Church in Chantilly, VA.

Steph has such a gift to speak it “straight” that is so authentic and genuine while being soft and inspiring!  I thank God for her encouraging and raising up other leaders like me!  Liz Nimtz, Co-Coordinator of MOPS at Christian Fellowship Church in Ashburn, VA.

A Bright Light in a Dark World was so applicable to our roles as women and leaders in Christian ministry. This was my favorite leadership development experience in my four years as a leader in MOPS. We all walked away with tons to think about, tons to grow and stretch us, and a renewed, excited spirit to start our new semester. Jeannie Skarka, Coordinator of MOPS at Christian Fellowship Church in Ashburn, VA.

Steph speaks from a “mom in the trenches” platform.  Steph’s ability to establish rapport and solidarity contributed to the warm reception she received. I think Steph’s strengths as a speaker lie in her honesty, her ability to establish rapport and her great use of humor to lighten the mood when addressing tough topics.  Wendy Pearson, MOMSnext Speaker Coordinator at Vienna Presbyterian Church in Vienna, VA.

From the moment she accepted our invitation to speak to military wives, Steph embraced our organization and took a personal interest in our ministry. Her desire to serve the ladies in our group was evidenced by her ability to speak directly to the hearts of those in attendance. Steph’s quick wit and humor were so enjoyable and her presentation to our group was heartfelt and thought-provoking. What a blessing! Susan Simmons, Hearts Apart Ministry at Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, VA.

Steph’s “girlfriend talk” was exactly the note I wanted to end our MOPS year on! It was straight from the heart and clearly from a mom who knows how important all facets of friendship are in every stage of life. She made us laugh, confide in her, and reminded us how important friendships are, both past and present. Her biblical examples of friendship were terrific! They were great reminders of how fondly the Lord views our fellowship with one another and what He hopes to provide for us through such relationships. Tiffany Boone,Coordinator of MOPS at Living Hope Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Haymarket, VA.

Having Steph speak to our MOPS group is truly like having “one of our own” there on stage.  She addresses the moms in a way that makes them feel comfortable and validates the feelings we all have (and struggle with) as mommies.  Above all, Steph is bold in her faith and does not hide her love for the Lord or her belief that we all need God’s love to be good friends, wives and mommies.  “The Colorful Art of Friendship” was perfect to kick off our MOPS year as it encouraged the moms to connect with other women, but also relieved the stress of feeling that you had to be everyone’s best friend.  Steph’s teaching on the need for three close friends (“innies”) allows moms to understand that a few really close friends will provide a support system that mirrors the examples of Jesus in the Bible as well as others such as Moses, Aaron, Ruth and Naomi.Steph’s humor is exactly what all crazy mommies need to hear and allows for a relaxing tone to a heavy topic! Robin Ellison, Christian Fellowship Church MOPS Co-Coordinator in Ashburn, VA.

We loved Steph’s sense of humor and the analogies she used that we as young moms could relate to (i.e. innie and outie belly buttons!). She was so real and approachable. Steph’s encouragement and practical thoughts concerning friendship were honest, funny, helpful and all around so “right on”. We’ve had some great feedback and only wish we had recorded her talk to share with those who missed hearing her. Andrea Adie and Kristy Rumbaugh, Co-Coordinators of Vienna MOPS at McLean Bible Church in McLean, VA.