Does it Matter?

If I could capture conversations that I’ve had this past month, I think they would be best labeled with one question, “Does it matter?” Meaning, at least one, if not all of us have wondered, if what we’re doing matters – is it making a difference?

Maybe you’re in a place where you’re currently wondering, “Does it even matter?“ Click To Tweet You know, the things that other people may or may not know about: character, faith, and integrity type things. The things you publicly and privately do or not do (and speak) – DOES IT MATTER?

It’s easy, almost natural to fall into a, “It doesn’t matter!” mindset when you experience little or no progress or impact. The more I watch God work and move in my friend’s lives, and my own life, the more I’m convinced that God wastes nothing. Little things, or decisions, add up to big things, which is why today I want to speak specifically to you and boldly declare, “YES, IT MATTERS!”

  • If you’re a parent of littles: Yes, it matters. You can’t see it all now but as your kids grow, you’ll be grateful that you stood your ground and post. Some days are so easy and fun while others are downright exhausting. There will be a day that you’ll watch the winds of life blow around your child and they’ll be standing because their foundation is solid. It matters.
  • If you’re single: Yes, it matters. God may or may not want you to be married. Don’t believe the hype that you’re incomplete. You don’t need another person to complete you; Jesus is the only one that can complete you. If you’re to be married, your spouse will complement, not complete you. Heal what’s hurting. I assure you that what’s not healed outside of marriage will become an infection inside of marriage. It matters not only to you but those around you. Staying pure matters. It matters to you. And possibly some day, it will also matter to your future spouse. Everyone you have sex with will travel with you and well as inside your marriage. It matters.
  • If you’re a student: Yes, it matters. Not compromising matters. God made you to stand out so don’t worry if you don’t fit it. Be confidently you. Surround yourself with a few solid friends and be a solid friend to others. What you text, post online, view, do or say, matters. It matters.
  • If you’re in married: Yes, it matters. The words you do or do not speak, the screens look at, the integrity, faith, love, and sacrifice. It matters to God, your spouse and your legacy. If you’re in a rough patch, get help, counseling, or accountability. It matters.
  • If you’re an employee: Yes, it matters. Even if everyone else is taking longer lunch breaks, stealing supplies from the office, gossiping, looking at social media on work time doesn’t mean you lower your standards. What you do and say, matter. Would you want you as your employee? Be that person. It matters.
  • If you’re a volunteer: Yes, it matters. The hours of behind the scenes, the details, prayers, personal connections and intentional building. It matters.

Yesterday and today I wrote and mailed cards to two different women to let them know what they’re doing matters.

Who is someone you can encourage and let them know that what they're doing matters? Click To Tweet

Who is someone you can encourage and let them know that what they’re doing matters?

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