Do you feel distracted? Here are 5 ways to help you FOCUS!

The best way I can describe my brain most days is this…

woman's mind

I’m dedicating this post to my sisters that feel distracted and need some encouragement!

Do you feel distracted? Here are five ways to help FOCUS:

Are you feeling distracted? Here are 5 ways to help FOCUS! #encouragedinheart #blog Click To Tweet


  1.  Forgive an offense:

Resentment is rebellion. Resentment leads to an emotional and spiritual death because it makes our pride our lord instead of Jesus our Lord. When I’m resentful towards anything: a person, situation, circumstance, or an injustice – whatever the offense is – it’s hurting me. Resentment blocks my vision and takes away some of my power. You and I don’t have the power to change anyone. Heck, we have a difficult enough time trying to change ourselves. One of the most powerful ways to forgive an offense is to remember that we’re all imperfect. We’re all even at the cross and need Jesus. No one’s perfect. I remember my Pop used to say, “Jesus was the only perfect person and not everyone liked him.” Just because you forgive an offense doesn’t mean you have to forget. There was a lesson learned. Be grateful for that. You have power and can forgive offenses. Remember how much Jesus has forgiven you and what a relief that feels like.Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. #forgive Click To Tweet

That’s what happens when we hang onto an offense; we’re actually poisoning ourselves. You might be hanging onto an offense if you: keep replaying the same incident, you’re harboring ill feelings towards someone, you continue to make passive aggressive statements about/to someone or you’re losing sleep.


2.  Open my hands & release:

Anxiety is worry for the future; depression is worry from the past. Click To Tweet

God made us to be warriors not worriers. Anxiety is worry for the future; depression is worry from the past. The sweet spot is permitting your self to remain in the present. Depression and anxiety are very real and serious medical conditions that need help. Strong people get help; weak people remain stuck.

Open your hands as a physical expression of an internal declaration. Every time I open my hands and release a person, circumstance, situation, injustice, and/or worry over to God, I feel lighter and more at peace and my focus improves.

3.  Count my blessings:

If you took a magnifying glass and put it over a book page, the letters would get bigger. In the same regard, what you magnify is what gets bigger in your life. If you keep replaying negative things, than the negative things are what will continue to clog your brain and get bigger in your life. But if you intentionally start counting your blessings, your blessings and gratitude are what will get bigger.

I want to give you are very specific example of this. A long time ago I was angry at my sister, Karen. I kept replaying the same injury. I love my sister but my thoughts weren’t very loving because I was hurting. I decided to stop the crazy train and start counting my blessings. I decided to remember the time I was in the middle of grieving my first three children that died before I could hold and know them because of miscarriage. I remembered when Karen offered to be my surrogate because she knew knew just how much I longed to be a mom and a much pain I was in. She never had any problems with her pregnancies and was willing to sacrifice herself for me because she’s my sister. Every time I think about Karen’s loving and sacrificial offer, I still cry.  It was IMPOSSIBLE for me to hold on to the small thing I was angry about when I focused on one blessing, just one (of the many) things I’m grateful for about Karen. The light of gratitude overwhelms the darkness of angry every single time.

4.  Unglue from my To-Do list:

Constant replaying of all the things I have to do often helps me get distracted. It actually prevents me from being present in my relationships, current work project or conversations. Sometimes I find it helpful to write my do list in the notes section on my phone so I know where I need to look if I have to think about what I have to do. This helps me stop replaying and replaying and replaying the stuff I want/need to do in my head.

5.  Sit in silence:

We live in a noisy world. Each and every morning I grab my coffee and then go to my favorite chair in our living room to take a period of time to sit in silence.  Even if it’s just for one minute, the practice of sitting in silence helps drown out the noise, prepare to receive whatever I’m need to receive in my morning reading and listen for God. It also helps me focus on the most important things I need to face during that day.

During the day, I almost always have my phone on silence.  It really distracts me hearing bings, rings and different sound tones. I also don’t allow phones/technologies when I sit down for a meal because it distracts me from the people and meal I’m enjoying!  One last way I sit in silence is more often than not, I plug my phone in by 830pm so I can be more present for my family.

My friend, do you feel distracted? What helps you focus? LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!!!

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