FREE COFFEE and, “How much do you think I paid?”

The Finkster would rather bludgeon himself and die a slow, long death… loves when we play the, “How much do you think I paid for it?” game.  After fifteen years of marriage, he’s hip to my jive.  He now low balls his guesses to exasperate his wife into stop. forcing. him. to. play. this. game.

It’s quite a charming cat and mouse game we play.   :cat2: :mouse:   So here’s the shirt…

The original retail value listed is $32.00.

I have a few questions before I go…

(Pic from here.)  

*First – How much do you think I paid for this shirt (not including taxes)? Leave your guess in a comment below! The person that is the first to guess correctly or is the closest to the price I paid by 6:00am tomorrow morning will win a $10 Starbucks gift card. )I feel it’s important to reward those that play this game!) 😎

*Second – Are you a fan of, “How much do you think I paid for it?” game? What’s your best bargain buy?  (I promise to celebrate it with you!) 

*Third – Once you how much I paid for the shirt (tomorrow) – will it influence your opinion of the shirt?

I promise that I’ll tell you tomorrow, “Wassup?!”!  😀

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