The Winner and an unmarketable skill.

The Fink Fam has deliberated and it was a near landslide! The winner of the $10 Starbucks gift card is BELLA for her Krazy Kiwis (because what think is crazy can really just be a little nutty!) Your marketing expertise is shining bright!!  😎

(I mailed your gift card to you today!) 😀

When I tell my kids that I have an infinite amount of absolutely useless and unmarketable skills, I wasn’t joking. It appears that the nut did not fall far from the tripod tree…

Good form Jake, your Momma’s so proud!

Why? Why don’t they believe me? That’s right. I’m bad I know it.


It’s March Madness here at EIH. I’m giving away another $10 Starbucks gift card to the EIH’er who has the most random unmarketable skill.  The winner will be determined again by a majority Fink Fam vote and announced at the next Wassup Wednesday on March 21st.  You can enter as many unmarketable skills as you’d like up until 6pm on Tuesday, March 20th!

What is your most unmarketable skill? Wassup?


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