Making a spectacle of myself.

I interrupt your afternoon to share a bargain and make a spectacle of myself!  🙂

I just received a package in the mail.  Since I haven’t written anything about finances in a loooonnngg time – I decided it was about time…

I just received three new pairs of prescription glasses in the mail for $37.80  (that includes shipping and a hard case) from Zenni Optical – where they have glasses from $6 to $46.  I don’t know now long they’re offering a special of buy two get one free – pretty SWE-ET way to stretch the family budget!

Here are my new specs…(sorry for the bad photo quality – took these self portraits with my laptop camera)

#1 Brown

#2 Blue

#3 Black

Brown, blue or black – which is your fav pair?  What’s a money saving tip you can share to make a spectacle of yourself?  🙂

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