Eat more pie.

Without my knowledge, Jake typed on my Facebook wall this very important message, “Hi. I like pie.(Very funny Jake…)

Well, it’s true. I do like pie. Boston cream, chocolate, apple, key lime, pumpkin are just a sampling of the ones I most dig (into)! One thing I do not dig is when my kids fight. Yesterday Cal banged his head into the wall and blamed Jake. This was just moments after Jake banged his head into the bathroom door and blamed Cal. Let’s suffice to say that it was not the most pleasant hour of my life. Cal cried out, “I DON’T WANT ICE, I WANT JAKE TO APOLOGIZE!!!” His heart hurt more than his forehead.

I copied this picture from a friend’s Facebook wall some time ago because it resonated with me. Sometimes it takes seeing others live out a certain level of crazy for me to see the crazy alive in me. Like the way I overreacted with Jake when the orange juice spilled into the cracks of my fridge…right as we were headed to the bus stop. Note to self: Apologize more often. In route to the bus stop, I paused to look straight into Jake’s eyes and apologize, “I’m so sorry for talking meanly to you. You’re so special to me and I’m very sorry.” “I forgive you, Mom” and we sealed it with a smooch!  It felt good to be forgiven. James 4:6 says it this way, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” I say it this way, “Eat more pie.” Humble pie, that is. Because after all, I do like pie. Do you like pie? What’s your fav???

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