School is in session.

My “To Do” list looks a tad different because today, school is in session.

-Drink coffee (who am I kidding…this one is not different!)
-Cry with my friend Kelly, as we walk away from the bus stop.
-Run the trail. Okay, cry and run on the trail.
-Permit a partial nervous breakdown.
-Schedule pap smear.
-Drop dry cleaning.
-Get haircut.
No bones about it, I have a most glamorous life. I even shaved my legs.

Very glamorous, I know. :-*

School is in session and not just for my adorable fellas. School is in session for Momma too. This crazy Jersey girl is learning how to let go a little bit more and trust God.

Cal has school all day now and Jake will begin standardized testing and receive letter grades.

What’s something new that you’re facing now that school’s in session?

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